[nycphp-talk] Getting Closure - on PHP Closures and 5.3

Hans Zaunere lists at
Fri Jul 16 14:48:23 EDT 2010


So we're working on our meeting for July (announcement coming soon), at
which I'll be taking some time to discuss the three key new features of PHP

Closures - great for Javascript, but for PHP?  In a non-callback-centric
synchronous language such as PHP, what else can we use this "syntactic
sugar" for?  How are people using them and what can we gain from them?  And,
the hell with code reuse?

Namespaces - we've done so much for so long without them, so now what?  What
type overhead is involved in supporting this?  Where are people using them?
When was the last time in PHP development you said, "damn, if I only had
namespaces, I could ..."

Late static binding - perhaps not as glamorous as the others, but begs the
question - are things going static?  In combination with closures,
namespaces, and considering that some of the most popular PHP
applications/frameworks today are largely non-OO, is strict OO going the way
of register_globals?

The above is purposefully a bit inflammatory because I want to get some
discussion going on the list.  I don't have all the answers to these
questions, and want people to join me in a Q&A style panel presentation in
July.  Share your experiences and techniques, both on the list and at our
July meeting - just show up.

Some other food for thought:

-- how do you combine these new features for the next generation of PHP

-- what editor do you use to not show parse errors when using these?

Other ideas?


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