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MessageNo that deletes the cookie from what I understand instantly.. I want the cookie to exist but to exist under the browser session.  So I don't set any time at all, but I still have to set the path in spite of setting no time!

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  Setting the cookie time to some time in the past causes the cookie to expire as soon as browser is closed, giving you what you want. No?
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    setcookie('nordicnet_registration', $uplinenumber); // SESSION COOKIE TO BE SET

    I have this cookie I have to set that will be session-based (cookie deletes when browser session is closed, the classic).  However, the cookie is set in /Main_page/registrering.php so the path for the cookie is incorrect; I want the path to be '/'.  HOWEVER, PHP is strict on syntax so that if I set a path, I have to set a time int value at the same time.  

    I want to set the path and NOT the time int.  How do I do that?



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